Travelling To Places Of Raw Natural Beauty In India

Travel is an indispensable part of our lives. Since, life needs shades and colors in order to keep it interesting, visiting different places and adopting their cultures for a short while, makes our life engaging and worth-living. But, planning is a tour is a tough job. India is famous for its cultural diversity till today there are a lot of places that have managed to protect their beauty and rustic charm from the western influence. The top two places that people have always loved for its natural hue and wild life are Kerala and Jim Corbett National Park. Planning a trip to these places is like going on an extended date with nature.

Corbett Jeep SafariJim Corbett National Park is actually the oldest possible national park in India. It was initially established to protect the endangered Bengal tiger which is one of the most remarkable among tiger species. Located in Nainital, this place is visit by thousands of tourists who wish to catch a glimpse of raw natural life. There are selected areas in the Corbett Tiger Reserve, where tourism is allowed. What is the most astounding feature of this national park? It comprises of 488 different wildlife and plant species! Every kind of forest feature can be noticed here which is why it is a favorite spot for geography students and researchers. The days are bright and sunny and the nights are cold. People who wish to visit the entire area can stay in hotels and resorts located in and around the national park. Every type of facility is offered there and yet people can feel the essence of forest life throughout the stay. Ecotourism in this part is nothing short of a dream. Elephant rides are very popular and done in safest way. People can ride on elephants and take of the tour of certain areas of the part. Deer, rhinos and various birds can be witnessed from a close range, during these tours.

For a person who loves nature and wish to have a glimpse of raw village life, Kerala would be the ideal spot. Several tourist groups make it to south India every year through travel agencies. Kerala is one of the most favorite spots for them. This state is famous for placid black waters, traditional martial arts, beaches, houseboat hotels, traditional boat racing, beautiful resorts, Ayurvedic massages, folklore and traditional dances. Kerala Tour Packages offering by the leading agencies, ensure that people are able to catch all the action and even participate in them. The top agencies know the best areas of the Kerala and the top things to watch. Visiting Munnar, which is called the Kashmir of South India, will be an absolutely delectable and heart-warming experience. The alluring green terrain of the region, contributes immensely to the beauty and popularity of Kerala.


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