Life is a journey itself. It has its share of ups and downs and experiences. But, just the way we need to work and weary our bones, we also need to travel and go on tours to rejuvenate our minds and bodies. Travelling is a necessity for some, while hobby for others. At least once in a year we need to go to places where we can breathe freely and enjoy ourselves the way we want to. In India, there are numerous vacation and tourism spots which are rich in ancient culture and natural beauty. Himachal Tour Packages are the most popular tour packages offered by most travel agencies. The popular places of serene natural beauty in Himachal are Kullu, Manali and Shimla were thousands of tourists, both from India and abroad, visit each year.

Tour Packages For Himachal Tours

ManaliTour packages in the Himachal ranges generally extend from a maximum of 15 days, depending on the places people would like to visit. The reason behind the love that Indians hold for this region is the amazing and spectacular landscapes adorned with lofty peaks on all sides. Activities like mountain climbing, trekking and air gliding are popular here. The lush green valleys and deep gorges feed our hunger for natural beauty and the enchanting rapids and streams offer scopes for river rafting. People, who come here to steal a breath of fresh air from the city pollution, are not able to have enough of the beauty and charm of these regions. It is not difficult to find budget hotels in Manali. Since it is one of the most popular tourist spots, there are ample number of mid-range as well as luxurious hotels, were people can put up. The service and accommodation are praiseworthy, and the food offered here is delicious. There are several travel sites, where one can find out about the best hotels in the Himachal area.

Shimla-Manali Packages And Facilities

One can avail bus journeys as well as train journeys to Shimla or Manali. In a Shimla-Manali package, people need to put up in a Shimla hotel for a couple of days before they rent a car or bus to Manali. During the entire trip, people can try golf, trekking, mountaineering, Para-gliding, skiing and ice-skating. Shimla is considered the ‘queen of hills’ where one can find beautiful views of the entire panorama adorned with peaks on all sites. There are a number temples and malls to visit there. The popular places in Manali include The Hadimba Temple, The Vashist hot sulfur springs, mountaineering institute and the Mall. A small trip is also made to the Solan Valley and Rohtang Pass.



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