Any trip to a particular place can be ruined, if the hotel is not satisfactory. The two things that really matter during vacation planning, is the mode of transportation and the hotel to put up in. Visiting religious places is a tradition that some people follow every year. One of the top places where devotees visit every year in India is the Vaishno Devi. But, a trip to Vaishno Devi is tedious and tiring. Located in Jammu and Kashmir, this place is famous for the Mata Rani or Vaishno Devi Temple, visited each year by lakhs of Hindu devotees. This place and the temple have mythological significance. The temple is located inside a cave and lakhs of people flock here every year to take back the blessings of the Goddess. Located atop a mountain, devotees need to travel a long way on foot in order to reach the temple.

Visiting Vaishno Devi

Pawan-HansIt is better to take a tour to the place through a Vaishno Devi Package which is offered by several travel agencies. The location of Vaishno Devi is near Katra which is small yet bustling town in Jammu. There are several hotels in this region where families can reside while they make a tour to the sacred place. A minimum package would be a stay of two nights and while in the package, provision for VIP Darshan can be made. Thus, people would not need to stick to a long queue, and pay a visit to the temple in an easier way. Finding a hotel located within minutes to the temple has also become possible. Development of the tourism industry has led to growth of a large number of hotels in the place. There is several suiting with the most modern provisions and people will not have to compromise their city living, while being on this tour. People wishing the visit the temple and nearby area luxuriously, a chopper trip can also be arranged by these travel agencies.

Hotels in Katra

People, who wish to put up at luxury suites, would find quite a number of them situated amidst large lush acres of grass. These are basically full-service hotels which not only offer spectacular views, but also provision for on-site dining. Select suites with balconies and also outdoor and indoor meeting places can be arranged by the best agencies. What can be better than a 24 hour room service in the top luxury resorts! These hotels have gyms and spas where people can relax and rejuvenate after a long day of visit to the temple. There are game rooms as well as business centers for delegates.


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