Travel and tourism are two very integral parts of our lives. We work hard throughout a year only to travel and enjoy some time of leisure and independence at least once in a year. It is very important in order to rejuvenate our souls and lighten our minds from all the pressure and stress. Travelling has become very easy today. One does not need a month’s time to think and organize a trip to a beautiful. India is replete with places of tourist interest. The top places which are considered as tourist paradise are Rajasthan and Goa. These two places scream of the rich diversity that India has always maintained in its soul. Goa is all about beach, fun, frolic and colorful atmosphere. Rajasthan on the other is the land of the Rajas and palaces. Rajasthan reflects the ancient culture and rich heritage with which we are so much in love with.


o-BACKPACKING-BACKPACK-facebookGoa spells fun! It is only place where we can spot a number of foreigners from everywhere in the world. Holiday is all about Goa and people often take weekend trips to the place simply lie down on the beach or spent the day exploring the colors of the city on the borders of the Arabian Sea. But, Goa is not only about the beach. Goa Packages are offered by all travel agencies and during the summer months, people keep on pouring in to spend an entire week in the lovely place. Goa cuisine and Goa sightseeing, is the most exciting part of a Goa trip. Besides the sandy coastline and multitude of beaches, Goa also has makeshift huts and provisions for yacht parties. Arambol is the patent place for hippies, while water sports can be tried at Baga. Travel agencies also make sure to take people to the most astounding part of Goa, popularly called Old Goa. Historically, the abode of the Portuguese, a handful of cathedrals and churches are seen here. These churches and cathedrals are one of the most magnificent ones found in entire Asia.


Today Rajasthan is popular for a large number of real palaces getting converted into luxurious hotels, where VIP tourists put up during holidays tours. But, that does not mean that there aren’t normal hotels to reside. A Rajasthan Package is really exciting as people get to acquaint themselves with famous monuments and temples that are standing there since pre-historic times. The bygone era comes out live in front of our eyes, when we visit Jaipur. The Pink city comprises of regal palaces and elaborate architecture pieces for attracting tourists from far and near. A living image of the once-there monarchy can be felt very well in this place.


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