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Kashmir is one of those destinations where people love to visit again and again. It is one of most beautiful and magnificent place in India as well as in the world. It’s not just the people of India who admire the beauty of this incredible place but also the travelers from all around the world fall in love with its grandeur and magnificence. It is a dream destination therefore it is called as The Paradise on Earth. The peaceful atmosphere as well as the scenic charms of this place will give you thousand reasons to smile and enjoy.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has been a symbol of eternal natural beauty since time immemorial. The once mountain retreat of Mughals, abode of Buddhist Lamas and Alps of India for the British rulers, was rightly termed as Jahangir’s valley of paradise. It has been one of the most beautiful, attractive, serene, and most talked about yet most controversial tourist destination in India.

Thankfully, the things are getting better in the valley of lakes and houseboats after a disturbing era of insurgency of 20 years. Kashmir is home to some of the highest and most beautiful parts of the Himalayas. It is necessary to dispel a doubt here that the entire Kashmir is not violent or affected by the insurgency. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is comprised of three major parts; the largely Hindu Jammu, a Buddhist dominated Laddakh and the Muslim majority Kashmir valley.

Laddakh is almost unaffected by the violent disturbances of Kashmir valley. Jammu is comparatively safer and Kashmir valley is getting better day by day; so you can travel to any part of the state including the Kashmir valley without any worries, if the security situation is normal over there. The most beautiful city in the entire Kashmir valley is Srinagar. The scenic views of the valley vary according to the location you are at. The mountain peaks look heavenly from a distance, the sunlight and the clouds appear to be out of this world and deep blue sky makes us feel at peace and rejuvenated.


Every year, the Kashmir valley sees a large influx of tourists, domestic as well as foreign. As Kashmir has been a popular destination on the tourist map of India for a long time, finding accommodations is no big problem at any popular destination. You will get all types of accommodation facilities almost at every location. A number of hotels as well as houseboats count amongst the main places to stay in Kashmir. Other than that, there are also a number of guesthouses in the valley that provide cheap accommodation. Enrich My trip offers exciting holiday packages which will make your visit to India much more enriching. We will help you explore the beauty of this land in a different way. You can also take kashmir package at affordable price.

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Memorable Kerala Tour Package

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Enrich My trip energetically engaged in offering enjoyable and memorable Kerala Tour Package. Kerala is one of the most gorgeous tourist destinations that are known for its attention-grabbing beauty of nature, thick forests, culture and traditions.

Energizing Holiday Packages

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Enrich My trip offers energizing holiday packages which will make your visit to India substantially more enhancing. We will help you investigate the excellence of this area in an alternate manner. We assume the part of impeccable has and get you the most sensible arrangement. You can discover hot arrangements and quest for get-away bundles that are planned only. You can likewise discover Hot Flight Deals and Hotels when you book your go with us. Along these lines, we offer arrangements of genuine worth that are practical and daring in the meantime.

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Kerala is a perfect destination for adventure, culture and relaxation. With its laid-back beach scene, swaying elephant rides and gentle houseboat cruises along tropical backwaters, you’ll soon see why National Geographic Traveler voted Kerala one of its ten Paradise Found’. There are many fascinating elements that make Kerala a good tourist spot. Of them the thick forests with coconut trees allure many people all over the world. The hospitality shown by the corallites makes people to visit Kerala often. The Literacy rate here is almost 100%, the only state to have all literates in India.

Whatever your travel interests are – wildlife, local culture and food, history, blissful beaches, luxury, honeymoon, family trip or soft adventure – we’re here to plan that perfect holiday to Kerala for you. We’ll recommend activities that perfectly complement your itinerary, suggest destinations off the beaten track and handpick unique things to see and do, ensuring that your holiday to Kerala is truly memorable.

At present Kerala has become a hot tourist destination on account of a variety of reasons. The famous Kerala beaches, Alleppey backwaters, Kumarakom backwaters, Kerala hill stations, tropical forests, waterfalls, Kerala wildlife, ayurvedic health centres, yoga lure many to the state. The historical monuments, Kerala art forms such as Koodiyattam, Kathakali and Mohiniyarttam have admirers across the globe.

The festivals like onam, Thrissur pooram and the various temple festivals with unique local traditions and lore are a fascination of many. In the sphere of social development Kerala has attained 100% literacy and is regarded as the most hygienic state in the country. In terms of Physical Quality of Life Index, life expectancy and infant mortality rates, Kerala stands at par with the some the developed nations of the world. Some of the major tourist attractions in Kerala are Forests in Wayanad, Munnar Hillstation, Periyar Wild life Sanctuary in Thekkady, Kumarakom Backwaters, Alappuzha Backwaters, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur and much more. We strongly recommend you to visit Kerala for the above mentioned facts. For more information visit the site .

Massive Discount Hotel in Delhi


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Popular Places to Visit in Rajasthan

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Rajasthan, known formerly by the name Rajputana or the land of the kings, is the largest state in the republic of India. It covers an area of 342,239 sq kilometers which is 10.4% of India. However despite of its large size it is covered by the Great Indian Desert, Thar. The Thar Desert runs parallel to the Sutlej-Indus river valley. Being located at the forefront of Indian civilization, the state of Rajasthan has seen the age of kings thus, explaining the moniker ‘the land of kings’. Rajasthan houses an amazing display of arts and architecture, courtesy of it being a princely state. Each individual kingdom of Rajasthan has a distinctive style of architecture and arts making it one of the most culturally diverse places in the world.

The capital of the state, Jaipur is also the largest city in the princely state of Rajasthan. It was founded in 1727, by the Kachwaha Rajput Ruler Sawai Jaisingh II, who was the ruler of Amber. Also known by the nickname ‘Pink City of India’ which is due to the distinctive saffron or pink color of the buildings. The planning of the city was done according to the Vedic Vastu Shastra. The well planned streets and detailed and artistic architecture make it one of the top preferred tourist locations.

While in a few texts, it has been termed as the Venice of the East, the City of Udaipur is known by its common moniker, the city of lakes. The city was the capital of the Sisodiya Rajputs of Mewar and is famous for its palaces that exemplify the finesse of Rajputana Style architecture. Udaipur was founded in 1553 by the Sisodiya Rajput Ruler Maharana Udai Singh II. The Mewar Rajputs founded the city to relocate their capital from Chittor to a more secure location. Today, most of the palaces have been converted into hotels, thus attracting a huge no. of tourist crowd to this city.

The second largest City of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is also the second most populated city of Rajasthan after Jaipur. The city was founded in 1459 by the Rathore Rajput Ruler, Rao Jodha Singh of Marwar. The city was founded as Marwar’s new capital after the fall of the former capital of Mandore. Jodhpur is also called the Sun City as it enjoys a bright sunny weather all year round. Strategically, it is considered to be the most important city of western Rajasthan as it lies only at a distance of 250 kilometers from the Indo-Pakistan border.

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Tourist Places in Kerala


Kerala, in south India, is often referred to as “God’s Own Country”. This coastal state is rich in distinctive traditions and culture, and lush unspoiled tropical beauty. Most of all, Kerala is known for its elephants, elaborate temple festivals, and the tranquil backwaters. The pace of life is slow, making Kerala the perfect place for a leisurely vacation. It is tourist places are the most popular destinations in India. Kerala is well known for its Backwaters, Beaches, Wild life sanctuaries, Hill stations and Ayurvedic treatments. Kerala Beaches are spread along the 900 km Arabian Sea coastline and it becomes one of the main attractions in Kerala Tourism. The Kerala Backwaters are a network of interconnected brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. Sightseeing in Kerala is very interesting.

The following are some of the must see Tourist Places in Kerala.

Wayanad – Wynad with its peculiar and unique geographical position is blessed with mist clad mountains and sylvan Valleys. It is situated in an elevated picturesque mountainous Plateau in Western Ghats. This land is rich in natural wonders, history and tradition. With its wast expanse of greenary, spice scented breese, mist capped mountains, salubrious climate, hypnotising scenic beauty, Wayanad stands as one of the loveliest hill stations of Kerala.

Munnar-Munnar or the ‘three rivers’ nestles amidst Western Ghats at the confluence of three mountain streams. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala Tourism. Kerala tourist attractions give more details about Munnar.

Periyar Wild life Sanctuary, Thekkady-One of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries of the country and is also India’s southern most tiger reserve. The sanctuary sprawls over an area of 777 sq. kms. near a vast and attractive lake. The artificial lake was built by the British in 1895 AD.

Gavi, Pathanamthitta – Gavi is one of the must see eco-tourism destination of Kerala. This eco-tourism programme arranged by the Kerala Forest Development Corporation Ltd Main Activities is guided trekking, nature walks, bird watching, night camping and night excursions into the forest.

Alappuzha- Alappuzha ‘The Venice of the East’ is endowed with exceptional natural beauty and emerged as a major tourist destination. The entire district teams with an array of rivers, canals and lakes ideal for boat cruise.

Kovalam- Situated 15 Km south of Trivandrum city. This internationally renowned beach has been favorite haunt of tourists since long past and regarded as one of the finest beach resorts of the world. Anybody can take a sea bath without fear. The beach is ideal for surfing and water skiing.

Kochi-Kochi, also known as the “Queen of Arabian Sea” is the most important commercial place of this beautiful State of Kerala. The Chinese fishing nets, Dutch buildings, Portuguese artistic, British monuments, etc. add the beauty of Kochi. When you visit kerala, don’t miss these top Kerala tourist places. Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. Kerala is often termed as paradise set in green.

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