With long holidays approaching soon, many people start looking for travel packages. The preferred destinations for people living in North India are Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Jammu etc. All these places offer different dimensions of beauty with some showcasing nature at its best and others offering historical magnificence. For instance, Rajasthan is loved by tourists because of the historical monuments and forts which were built by ruler. These structures have overwhelming presence and mesmerise the tourists with their grandeur and elegance. Many of these palaces have been converted to five star hotels and serve as a venue for big fat Indian weddings.

Another tourist destination that is quite popular with tourists of all age groups is Kerala, situated in the south-western India. Its backwaters, undulating hills and palm fringed beaches are a delight to watch. Connectivity with the rest of the India is also quite. Kerala Tour Package can be availed for a hassle free trip. India is home to many exciting places that can blow your mind off with its beauty and magnanimity. The country has to offer a diverse range of tourist destinations that include those with unmatched natural beauty and also those which are home to monuments that are recognised by the world. Kerala, Kashmir, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim can be regarded as places that have been bestowed with nature’s bounty. In terms of historical structures, places worth the visit are Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and many more.

  • Beauty Around IndiaIf you are a backpacker and heading towards hill stations, do your groundwork and gather information like current weather, temperature and pack accordingly.
  • Holidays must not be wasted sitting idle in your home, rather go out and explore this vast country and see for yourself what it has to offer.


Taking a trip to down south to breathtaking destination like Kerala or climbing the hills at Vaishno Devi, any such holiday plans uplifts the mood and fills the life with excitement. It is always fun to spend quality time with your loved ones which you rarely get time to, owing to the hectic schedule. If you wish to visit a hill station, Manali is a great option that you can choose. You can book Delhi Manali Volvo packages if you are from Delhi or making it as a base for further journey. Those who love snow fall can witness it on the hills of Manali, Shimla, Mussuorie and various other hill stations of north India. All of those who have a spiritual inclination can visit places like Rameshwaram, Tirupati, Shirdi, Nasik, Ujjain, Bodhgaya, Varanasi and many such religious destinations. India is a place that showcases great diversity and one must explore them. The coming holidays bring with them the perfect time to leave for a trip with your near and dear ones.



Whenever there is a holiday seasons, most of the tourist destinations are filled with crowds of people who want to enjoy their time and capture some beautiful moments. No matter, you have long holidays or short holidays in your hands; you can always plan a trip to any part of India which suits your preference. There are a host of exotic destinations in India with the kind of beauty that plays on your mind and mesmerises to the core. The tourism ministry has also brought about many changes in the tourism department, which has made many tourist destinations more advancements and comfortable for the tourists. You can also double your fun by setting out for a holiday trip with your loved ones to any of your favourite destinations. There is an amazing diversity portrayed by India, which caters to the taste of every tourist. Up north there is undulating Himalayan range which extends from Jammu and Kashmir to North Eastern state of Sikkim. Some of the most popular hill stations in the north are Manali, Dehradun, Shimla, Ranikhet and Gangtok etc. You can avail different packages from a reputed company like Enrich My Trips offers excellent packages like Himachal Tour package and Kashmir tour package etc for a hassle free tour.

In the winter season, these peaks look white snow-capped and offers a mesmerising view. If you love snowfall, the winter season, especially from mid December to January is the perfect time to visit these hill stations. There are hill stations in the western and south western region of India too. If you are planning a trip to Mumbai, Lonavala located near the Western Ghats must be included in your plans.

  • Hill stations up north in India make for an ultimate tourist destination in this season owing to the snowfall which makes the ambience much more serene.
  • Snowfall occurs in these places only during the winters and it is important to pick right time to travel if you wish to witness it. 


goa-tourist-places6For those travel lovers, who like sea beaches, Goa, Mumbai, Puri, Chennai and Kerala await you with great beaches and local cuisines that they have to offer. India offers some of the most amazing tourist destination and caters to different preferences of the tourists. Also, in the winter season, most of the hill stations which are located in the Himalayan ranges receive snowfall which appears very delightful.

  • If you have plans to visit any of the hill stations in Himachal and Uttaranchal like Kullu, Manali and Shimla you can make Delhi your first base and book a budget hotel in Delhi by company like Enrich My Trip.
  • It is recommended that you book a tour package so that you do not have to take the burden of ticket and accommodation booking.

You must make the most of this holiday season and head towards your favoured destination with your friends and family.

Travel Agencies Offering Himachal Packages Have Good Rapport With Experienced Marketing Players

It is a wonderful idea to know that people from different parts of the world can take some positive help from accredited and licensed travel agent while planning for a vacation. You can either choose for holiday package or can opt for the corporate package service, once you have direct access with the credential traveling and tourism agencies. The finest way to judge the credential of the companies is to take a look at the reviews. Once you are acquainted with the records and get some positive reviews, about your chosen company, you are ready to approach further for detailed information. Are you looking for some cost effective way? If yes, then travel agency can turn out to be the most prominent option, on the cards.


It is an inevitable truth that with reliable agencies, you can easily enrich your package more, when compared with other times. While dealing with online packages from Enrich My Trip, you will be glad to know that there are certain discounts, mentioned on the same. From hotel booking discounts to restaurant services, there are so many options available, for your need. In case you want to know more about the unsurpassed discount rates, keep in touch with the official page of the tourism companies, on a daily basis.


10603450_374717126016882_7880105864379241681_nYou might be thinking about the ways, and the reasons behind such lucrative discounts from online stores, while planning to book for your Himachal Packages. How can the online stores get hold of such discount rates, when others cannot? Well, this is a valid question and with fruitful answers. Before opening any tourism business, the online companies make it a point to build a good professional relationship, with the experienced players, in this traveling industry. Some of those players are hotel groups, restaurants, transportation service, and more. Therefore, the online companies can always get fruitful discount rates, whenever there are some discount notes, available.


It is always advisable to book for Goa Packages, when it is an adequate time. The hotels are always planning to deal with special discount codes, whenever they plan to attract more crowds. As the competition level is quite stiff, therefore; the reliable companies are going to offer you with the best discount levels, in order to increase their brand name. Therefore, it will be a great idea to book for your holiday planning, during such instances. It will help you to save a lot of time and money.


In case you have registered your name under the reliable platforms like Enrich My Trip, you will get a private agent, who will work under your account. He will be the backbone of your trip and will stay in direct communication with the clients. You will get all sorts of important notification about our trip, from this guy only. In case, your plane ticket gets cancelled, unfortunately, he will let you know immediately, and will book a ticket for the next adjacent flight as well. He will be your best guide of all time.


Enrich My Trip is always committed to making your travel plans even better. As more and more people discover the adventurer in them, travelling, as a way to escape stress and explore new places, is on the rise. People visit all kinds of destination in the hopes that they will be able to enjoy a unique and fulfilling experience.

10698635_374717232683538_6963791840582375290_nPopular as well as unconventional destinations are covered by our services, and our packages let you make the most of your vacation. Travelling is an experience in itself, and a lot of small things come together to offer a superb time. Little things like a luxurious and quality hotel room, comfortable cars or buses, and easy reservation of flight or train tickets make sure that your entire trip is planned out in advance, and you have nothing to worry about. Enrich My Trip does all this and more.

• Himachal Packages by Enrich My Trip

Visit the beautiful hill stations of Himachal. They make for a great escape in all seasons, and give you a chance to enjoy the calm and soothing environment that only the mountains can provide. Enrich My Trip takes care of your itinerary, and helps you enjoy a relaxing vacation.

• Goa Packages by Enrich My Trip

Visiting Goa is a rite of passage for endless generations of youth, and a great beach destination for anyone. The historic sites, the popular beaches, the amazing culture, and the fun filled nights, Goa has it all. Travel with Enrich My Trip to make this journey even more enjoyable.

• Uttarakhand Package by Enrich My Trip

Uttarakhand has so much to offer. From sprawling mountains to the amazing natural falls, and endless stretches of mountains for trekkers, you can enjoy it all. Travel with Enrich My Trip for comfortable accommodations, and a super experience.

• Delhi – Manali Volvo Package by Enrich My Trip

One of the perks of living in Delhi is that you can plan a weekend getaway to the beautiful hill station of Manali whenever you want. The town is pleasant during the harsh summers, and a snow covered delight during the winters. Let Enrich My Trip make this whole experience even more memorable for you.

Travel better with Enrich My Trip

A great vacation is so much more than just the place you visit. Our packages are designed to offer you amazing facilities while still striving to keep the trip within your budget. We first make sure that we understand the kind of vacation you want, and then ensure that you get it. From the hotel where you stay, to the local transportation arrangements and even helping you pick the places to visit, our services are always about enriching your travel experiences and helping you enjoy your time away.

Count Your Blessings And Not Your Wallet When On Holiday

Vacations are a time of fun and frolic. A break from a life where there is nothing to worry about and the usual mundane things of life can be easily ignored in favor of the more interesting views that can be seen. There are many things to do in India; many places to visit and new things to see for families, or even for singular travelers. However, there are many who would like to go on vacation, but hesitate when they think about the different expenses they will have to bear when they are travelling. There are several avenues open for the money to flow out and they should be understood.

Decision of Travel methods

The biggest and first expense to consider would be related to travel. Holiday makers can avail different kinds of travel methods such as rail, road, air and even private vehicles. However, it is much costlier to Enjoy Honeymoontravel with some of them than others and it is better to choose the right travel formula. Combination of travel methods will not only allow getting lower prices, but also help to get the advantage of flexibility. There are many tour operators who offer all amenities along with packages like Himachal Packages, where it would not be advisable to travel without appropriate guidance.

Staying well within budget

Many people have been duped in the bargain when they attempt to recreate the facilities that they have been offered by the tour operators and in the bargain use funds unnecessarily. It should be clear that the reasons that the tour companies can offer such lucrative deals for such compact prices are because they have made deals with the various travel agencies and hoteliers. This also enables them to find the best budget hotel, which gives very good services for lower prices and are conveniently located. It is hard to replicate that kind of connections when travelling without local knowledge.

Importance of experience and contacts

Many of the pilgrims who use the Vaishno Devi Packages will complain of not being able to find accommodation during the peak season, but those who have booked through the tour companies will have no fear on that account. Similarly, when tourists opt for the Kashmir packages they are assured of the expenditure being included in the tour so accommodation and travel are taken care of whereas, many of the other tourists will have to pay exorbitant rates for rooms, travel and sightseeing. However, it is always safer to opt for reputed and reliable tour operators as they have the necessary contacts.

Specialized Tours and Pilgrimages

Many of the tours which are more delicate in nature and need better lookout and care are the Honeymoon Packages. They are newly wedded couples and will get carried away with each other and need gentle yet firm handling to keep them following the schedule. Additionally, there are also many religious packages where the travelers will be mostly aged men and ladies who could have very strong views about things and express exceptions to a lot of things. Moreover, their accommodation and food must also be taken care of in the right manner which can be done very well by tour companies.